About the project A Sense of Place

In this creative fusion project artists from England, Croatia, Slovenia, Scotland, and Poland combine any of following art forms: textiles, glass, print, photography, poetry and film in a single piece of art. This project follows from The Map Project that began 2013 (themapproject13.blogsopt.com).
Artists and groups are invited to explore the meaning of the place they called HOME and their perceptions of being there by choosing all, or just some of the art forms combined by means of a creative fusion. By creative fusion we envisage combining 2 or 3 art forms in a single piece of art. For example, poetry fused with textile using embroidery and print; engraving and printing on glass; music, poetry, video and film.
Our aim is to create opportunities for artists from different countries to work together, exchange ideas and share experience and skills.

Selected artwork will be exhibited locally and in all participating countries during 2016-2017. 

For further information see: themapproject13.blogspot.com
Our contact: themapproject13@gmail.com 

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