Enlish artists:

Helen Smith                                       
 Judith Railton
Istra Toner                                                                                                        
Yvonne Body                                                   
Johnny Gilbert                                                
Barbara Singleton
Mike Waring


Helen Smith- combined kiln cast glass and poetry.
“Living on the Dee estuary, I am surrounded by the beautiful light, the wide horizon, and that utter sense of calm on a still day. My work in glass utilises the natural tint and transparency of the material to explore the interplay of light, surface and texture inspired by this place.
‘I stood at the edge of all solid things the horizon full of light’
I have included a line from the poem ‘Footnotes 5 (Llanystumdwy)’ by Cheshire poet Andrew Rudd in this piece. The poem may have been written for another place, but the moment I read these words I knew they captured for me the feeling, the essence, the sense of this place.”

Istra Toner - combined glass, photography, poetry and print in making a poster using print and collage; engraving poetry on kiln formed glass, and pebbles.
“I am inspired by a sense of a moment of be it in a town, travelling from a place to a place, mostly while outdoors being with the nature and in the nature. Sands of Wirral with flocks of seabirds crossing on the wings of westerly towards the horizon; above, heavy Atlantic sky endless, majestic in its vastness and my shadow in the ripples on the sand”

Judith Railton - combined textile art, poetry and found inclusions
“Music plays. Blood Moon dancing at the Thor's Rock,
Old wool vest, sandstone photo, lace,
Sea edge foam, things washed up,
Wrecked fabric and shimmer gauze”

Yvonne Body - combined textile art and script “A place cannot be separated from a sense of time.
Who occupied this place before us, who will follow?
Our families and ancestors, explorers and invaders,
Each a layer beneath our feet, or merely a whisper on the wind.
I am continually fascinated by those who trod, or worked, this land before us, under the same vast skies, at the edge of our pounding waters, at the mercy of our wind and weathers.
Threads connect us all”

Barbara Singleton – print

Mike Waring - I have always lived by the sea, on a penisula surrounded on 3 sides by water. The memories and sounds of my youth were waves crashing onto the sea wall, foghorns on the river, beach football being curtailed by a tide moving inexorably towards the promenade.
I could call the sea, home, my place, but it's not. The sea can be anyone's home, move away from the land and the sound and sights are similar for all. It's how the sea interacts with the land that makes it home, the sounds and sights I know and remember so well.

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